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Why Renewable Diesel?

Renewable Diesel (RD) from Eco Emissions is made from renewable sources, burns cleaner, delivers more power, and can be used in any diesel engine.

Smartly & Sustainably Fuel Your Fleet

Use in ANY Diesel Engine

Because Renewable Diesel (RD) has the same chemical structure as petroleum diesel, it can be used in engines designed to run on conventional diesel — with no engine modifications required.

Flexibility of Fuel Choice 

Unlike Biodiesel, RD can be used in 100% concentration and does not require blending, giving you the flexibility to switch between Renewable and Traditional Diesel as needed. 

Clean Burning &
Enhanced Performance

RD’s high cetane numbers of 75 to 95 — compared to Biofuel’s cetane numbers of 50 to 60 — helps RD to burn cleaner, deliver more power, and help improve mileage.


Lower Your CO2 Footprint

Delivers +50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to petroleum-based diesel and can deliver up to 80% lower lifecycle emissions.

Keep Existing Fuel Infrastructure

Since RD is chemically identical to its petroleum counterpart, you keep your existing infrastructure and equipment. You can also blend Renewable and Conventional Diesel at any level.

Renewable Diesel from Eco Emissions isn’t just the cleaner choice — it’s also the higher performing choice.

Covered Under Manufacturer Warranties

Renewable Diesel meets the ASTM D975 industry specifications for diesel fuel, so it can be used on ANY vehicle that uses diesel fuel, and it’s covered under manufacturer warranties.

Superior Cold Weather Performance

With no oxygen in its chemical structure and a lower freeze point than petroleum diesel, RD delivers superior performance in cold weather. You’ll have reduced gelling, quicker cold starts, less noise, and better throttle response.


Reduced Maintenance

Because Renewable Diesel contains no aromatics or impurities, this allows it to combust with maximum efficiency—helping you to decrease the frequency of injector maintenance and diesel particulate filter regenerations and increase uptime across your fleet.

No Odor or Fumes

As an advanced biofuel with no impurities or aromatics, Without these two components, RD is odorless and less harmful to drivers and the environment. You or your operators won’t have to breathe in toxic fumes or worry about smells sticking to clothing.

Long-term storability

Renewable Diesel (RD) doesn’t contain oxygen, so you can store the RD for extended periods with little to no deterioration — helping fleet owners eliminate storage, cold weather, water attraction, and microbial growth challenges.

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